Lee and I have just returned from Nice. We were there for 3 days interviewing potential franchisees for the new Smiley Booth Franchise Southern France territories.

While we were there we squeezed a lot in, we were determined to see what the famed area had to offer and it’s amazing how liberating it is not to have our two young children in tow!

From Nice we headed across to Monaco to see the Grand Prix track (still in place from the previous week) and experience the high life of the infamous Monte Carlo.

To say that Monaco took our breath away is an understatement.  At the harbour we were dwarfed by hotel sized mega yachts floating on the azure blue Mediterranean while private helicopters landed at regular intervals and up in Monte Carlo we walked around ornate boutiques with the largest of jewels and luxe hotels with the rarest of sports cars parked outside.

mega yachts in Monaco

The Mega Yachts of Monaco

Opulence is everywhere. Some people call it ostentatious, vulgar even but I see nothing but inspiration and beauty. Yes there were a lot of fast cars and beautiful people, but there wasn’t a wannabe, label covered, famous-for-being-famous z-lister in sight. It was more a celebration of achievement, you could almost smell the success in the area and taste the triumph, these people work hard and play hard. The Entrepreneur of the Year awards were taking place at the Fairmont and Hermitage Hotels where winners from around the world included John Collison and Patrick Collison the Co-founders of Stripe. Posters and billboards depicting words of wisdom from some of the worlds most influential CEO’s and entrepreneurs adorned the streets and pavements.

How could you possibly fail to be inspired to be better, do more, see more, experience more. For motivation of another kind Nice had hosted an Ironman competition the day before we arrived and many of the competitors were still milling around. We chatted to several who had completed not 1 but up to 7 ironman competitions around the world enduring a 2.4 mile sea swim, 110 miles of cycling in the mountains and a 26 mile marathon, for up to 12 hours in searing heat, many of whom had only begun their physical journey in their 40’s or 50’s.  Simply awesome achievements, plus nearly everyone we met was multi-lingual leaving us slightly embarrassed by our lack of language skills. It is certainly time to level-up!

a smiley face parachute over the Mediterranean

We took this as a good omen for Smiley Booth in France

If you have shown an interest in a Smiley Booth Franchise you are clearly looking to create more value in your life.  Whether you are looking to leave a stifling job where you are busy building someone else’s dream (or super yacht), or perhaps you want to create a better life for your family or maybe you just want to see and experience more in life.  If a Smiley Booth Franchise isn’t for you that’s no problem, it has to be the right fit.

Just promise me one thing…

Don’t give up on your entrepreneurial dream. Don’t let mediocrity take over.  Find the business or franchise you want to build and give it everything you’ve got and maybe one day, we’ll meet you in Monaco.

All the best,


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